Morning Coffee Productivity

how local coffee shops help beyond caffeination before work

Coffee shops are magical places

typical morning setup with notes, laptop, and coffee

How it started

The best part: friends

friends smiling at morning coffee

We even made friends of the other coffee regulars. You know, those people you see every morning. We’ll, we started talking to them! We met restaurant owners, architects, local developers, and even a DJ. Folks we never would have met otherwise!

Morning time

Coffee Shop Effect

First, she explains, you are more productive in coffee shops since the brain loves novelty. So being in a new environment, that’s not your office or house, stimulates the brain, and motivates you to do work.

Second, you can fall victim to unproductive routines in your office. So a coffee shop helps break those routines, which spurs productivity.

Third, going to a coffee shops sets an intent for productivity. The mindful intent to leave the house early for side work shows you’re already committed.

Finally, coffee shops offer less distractions. There are no office coworkers asking about TPS reports. There are no household chores that need attention.

Oh, and caffeine generally helps with productivity. And coffee shops have plenty.

working in a cool coffee shop

Some cool coffee shop outputs

How to morning coffee

This is how:

  1. 🐓 Intentionally wake up 20–30 minutes earlier, to start.
  2. 🚙 Get yourself to a local coffee shop. Preferably one that’s on the way to work. You may gain some time back, by leaving early, and avoiding traffic.
  3. ☕️ Buy a coffee. Tea works too. And pastries.
  4. 🛠 Open your laptop. Pay some bills. Write a blog post. Start a side project. Email long-lost friends. Draw.
  5. 🤝 Invite like-minded friends to join you. Talk to the regulars. Make friends with the barista.
  6. 🥕 Keep at it! Morning coffee is a habit. It’s about purposely putting yourself in a productive and collaborative place.
  7. 🗣 Share your work, if you make something.

Don’t have time for morning coffee…?

You can mimic a coffee shop. Try Coffitivity. It’s an app that plays ambient coffee shop sounds. It boosts creativity and helps you work better. Find a comfortable spot. Put on those noise canceling headphones, and enjoy!

Need a coffee shop idea?

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